Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


The Manor CE Primary School is committed to ensuring that every child is provided with high quality learning experiences which will enable them to thrive academically and emotionally; moreover as a Church of England school, we place a huge emphasis upon developing our learners’ spiritual, moral and social understanding which is primarily addressed through our six core values.

In our school, every learner is special. Through high quality teaching, matched carefully to the needs of all children, we provide an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum which offers academic rigour and creativity through a range of stimulating learning themes.  All staff at The Manor CE Primary are inclusive practitioners and as part of our ongoing assessments, we carefully track the progress of every child and provide support where necessary. However, sometimes a child may require further additional support to enable them to make progress. How this is decided and what we can offer as a school is detailed in our school’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Arrangements.

Our SEND co-ordinator is Mr John Israel

Please contact him at ManorPrimary@sgmail.org.uk


We are a Dyslexia Friendly School, which means our regular classsroom practice could help to support those with Dyslexia or Dyslexic tendencies.  We also make additional adjustments to our teaching to ensure that all pupils can access the learning activities.

Click here for information on specific difficulties caused by Dyslexia.

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