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Meet the Staff

At The Manor, we seek to work closely with families to ensure that your child's primary education is a happy, memorable experience. Our school is organised into seven classes; children enter our Reception class in the September following their fourth birthday and stay with us until the end of Year 6, when they are eleven.


Members of staff are proud to be part of the Manor School team. They are committed to high levels of teaching and creating a safe, happy and caring environment for your child. All staff share the same high expectations for pupils' personal and academic achievement and keep parents fully informed of progress.

Our School Leadership Team (SLT)
Mrs Amanda Flanagan
Executive Headteacher 
Mr John Israel
Head of School
Mrs Halina Kelly
 EYFS and  KS1 Phase Leader
Miss Lisa Coult
 KS2 Phase Leader 


Special EducationalCo-ordinator (SENCo)
Mrs Lucy Gray

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

​Reception / Antarctica

Class teachers: Mrs Halina Kelly and Mrs Lisa Sell

TA: Mrs Nina Taylor

SEN TA: Miss Carly Honey


Key Stage One (KS1)

Year 1 / Australia

Class teachers: Miss Elly Hawkins

TA: Mrs Gemma Wakefield

SEN TA: Mrs Gemma Wakefield (afternoons) and Mrs Katy Arnott(mornings)

Year 2 / Africa

Class teacher: Mrs Melanie Sweet

TA:  Mrs Ana Molina


Key Stage Two (KS2)

Year 3 / Europe

Class teachers: Miss Katie Walker

TA: Mrs Gail Foxall-Geiss

Year 4 / Asia

Class teacher: Miss Rhiannon Spencer

TA: Mrs Foote and Mrs Mann 


Year 5 / North America

Class teacher: Miss Jessica Hughes


TA: Mrs Tracy Sherwood

SEN TAs: Mrs Dawn Cox and Miss Carly Honey

Year 6 / South America

Class teacher: Miss Lisa Coult

TA: Miss Harriet Lambe

SEN TAs: Mrs Linzi Claridge and Mrs Ana Molina

HLTA/ ELSA/ Family Link Worker and Attendance Officer
Mrs Teresa Mann

Office Team

Mrs Liz Aldom

Mrs Alison Green


Lunch Team
Cleaning Team



Mrs Jo Greaves

Mrs Chris Smith

Mrs Jo Greaves- Lead LBS

Mrs Katy Arnott

Mrs Chris Smith

Miss Abigail McMahon


Sports Coach
Miss Harriet Lambe
Breakfast Club Team

Mrs Chris Smith- Supervisor

Mrs Jo Greaves

After-School Club staff

Mrs Chris Smith
Mrs Jo Greaves

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