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The Manor Learning Gems



Successful Learning 


Click the picture to see our Learning Gems progression. 

‘Successful Learning’ underpins everything we do at The Manor Primary School.  It starts with pupils understanding how important these skills are if they want to be ‘the best that they can be’ in their learning.  They are given time to understand what these skills mean through the different gem powers and are given opportunities to put them into practice. Most importantly, they are given to time to reflect honestly about their learning each week and talk about how they can improve their behaviour for learning. 





















Our Young Leadership team are given time to observe and spot the Successful Learning that they see in different classes.  They help create questions for the focus gem each term and teachers use this as starting points in their discussions with their class.



































































In our school, we have 6 gems; each one represents a key learning attitude or skill:


Ruby Power- this is achieved by being positive about yourself and others; celebrating your achievements, whatever they are, and reflecting on your next goal will help you to do this. Smiling and being keen to learn each day also helps you to gain lots of this power!


Diamond Power- this is gained by taking responsibility for solving your own problems, having ownership over your learning and setting yourself goals or next steps. By doing this, you make your brain grow and your learning starts to sparkle!


Sapphire Power- you can gain lots of this power by staying focussed on your learning task and ignoring the 'monster' distractions. Push yourself to achieve your goals and you will be shimmering in blue!


Emerald Power- this one is key for our school. To achieve this, you need to be willing to take risks with your learning, in the knowledge that learning new things is not easy and that mistakes may occur. Being resilient enough to pick yourself up and try again is what makes our learners dazzle in green! Are you up for the challenge?


Amethyst Power- you achieve this gem by using the skills of collaboration and group learning. Playing an active part within a team and showing respect for the views of others are key factors.


Topaz Power- finally, this gem is all about using our impressive oracy skills to share our ideas and reasoning with others. This includes using appropriate terminology, using both formal and informal language and making sure that our audience can hear us clearly. 



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