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Our Curriculum Drivers

In order to deliver the most appropriate curriculum to our pupils at The Manor C of E Primary School, we identified three curriculum drivers. We worked with all stakeholders in school to evaluate exactly what our curriculum needed to offer the children in our local community. We assessed our children’s starting points and backgrounds, and explored in great detail the knowledge and experiences that we believe our children need in order to be successful in the future. These drivers underpin the curriculum we provide for our children and weave through every subject we teach.

The Arts

Our Arts curriculum driver serves to explicitly expose our children to a range of different experiences that they may not have experienced outside of school. To ensure that all of our children achieve their best and shine like stars, we equip our children with the necessary cultural capital that they need to be world-ready learners in any field they wish to advance in. In giving our children this essential knowledge, we strive to minimise the impact that some children’s background has on social mobility and educational success.

Bristol is a creative hub with theatres, concert venues, galleries, artists and musicians emerging all the time. Many of our children do not necessarily access these without the school’s intervention.


Our curriculum has also been shaped by our Community driver. When designing our curriculum, we believed it was vital that our children develop a secure understanding of their local and wider community, and how they fit into these as individuals. The majority of our children live in Coalpit Heath, a rural village in South Gloucestershire. At the same time, our children are part of the wider Bristol community. Our curriculum has evolved to embrace this exciting and ever-changing community. The world around our children is becoming increasingly diverse and includes many people of different religions, languages, economic groups and cultures, and our curriculum explicitly teaches this to our children and seeks out the opportunities to explore and celebrate it further. We want our children to know about their local history and town, in order to be successful members of the community as they grow older.


Alongside our children’s understanding of their local and wider community, we aspire to educate our children about the wider global issues we currently face. Our curriculum ensures our children are successful members in their local community, but we also believe that they should develop as global citizens, individuals who one day will become confident, agents of change. We aspire to foster in our children a sense of belonging in the global community, who can effectively debate and problem solve the problems of tomorrow.



Our final curriculum driver, Spirituality, ensures that we give our children the opportunities to become aware of the world in new ways: we wonder about things in life that are amazing and things that make us question what is happening – children are learning about life in all its fullness. Children are given opportunities to reflect on their experiences, to think about life’s big questions and consider some possible answers. We develop in our children a sense of belonging and understanding of their place in the world.

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