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In the Summer of 2021, we were visited by Ofsted as part of their cycle of inspections and we are now able to share their findings with you – please find the report attached here.

The inspection was extremely thorough after such a difficult year in education. However, the visit felt incredibly positive and we were delighted with the inspector’s findings; we are so pleased that the inspector saw first-hand why we are so proud of our school.


We have tried to find some particular highlights here, but please do read the full report to get a flavour of why the children at The Manor are able to continue to “Shine like stars in the sky”.
Some highlights of the report are:

  •  Staff work together as a dedicated team.

  •  Pupils learn well across many subjects.

  •  Pupils say the school’s motto, “Shine like stars in the sky”, inspires them to be the best they can be.

  •  Pupils behave sensibly.

  •  Staff and pupils agree that this is a happy and safe place to learn.

  •  Pupils understand the importance of celebrating differences.

  •  The school’s values of friendship, courage and forgiveness are helping to create kind and compassionate young citizens.

  •  Many parents commented on the strong leadership and how their children love learning.

  •  Leaders place teachers’ professionalism at the heart of their work.

  •  Staff have high expectations of pupils.

  •  Pupils with SEND flourish because of the precise support they receive.

  •  Pupils appreciate how staff care about their opinions and listen to their suggestions.

  •  Low level disruption to learning is rare.

  •  Pupils know the importance of behaving well in and out of class.

  •  Governors are knowledgeable about leaders work to strengthen the curriculum. They are playing an important role in holding school leaders to account.

  •  Leaders, including governors, keep a close check on safeguarding. Adults are well trained.

We are so incredibly proud of the children and how they were so eager to share their experiences about their school and their learning with the inspector – they really did “Shine like stars in the sky”

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