The Manor C of E Primary School we identified three curriculum drivers. These drivers underpin the curriculum we provide for our children and weave through every subject we teach.


The Arts

Bristol is a creative hub with theatres, concert venues, galleries, artists and musicians emerging all the time. We hope to inspire our pupils by exposing them to a range of different experiences they might not normally receive, whether it is music, poetry, dance, drama or visual art. We aim to provide opportunities to explore potential hobbies, interests and careers they may not have known existed. Pupils are given the opportunity to experience the arts both in school and on visits out, including taking inspiration from the greats and creating their own original work using a range of medium.  



Our curriculum has evolved to embrace our exciting and ever-changing community. The world is becoming increasingly diverse and includes many people of different religions, languages, economic groups and cultures. To build communities that are successful, we need to understand and appreciate other cultures, establish relationships with cultures other than our own and build alliances with different cultural groups, while continuing to build and strengthen our links with all members of our local community.



We give children opportunities to become aware of the world in new ways: we wonder about things in life that are amazing and things that make us question what is happening – children are learning about life in all its fullness. Children are given opportunities to reflect on their experiences, to think about life’s big questions and consider some possible answers. Children are given opportunities respond to this, doing something creative as a means of expressing, applying and developing their thoughts and convictions.

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