Our Remote Learning 

With the announcement of the national lockdown on January 5th, all schools were instructed to close for all pupils (except children of critical workers and vulnerable children) and move to remote learning. 

With that, we put in place our revised provision for remote learning during this time. 

Daily Learning

- Every day, our class teachers host a Microsoft Teams meeting for everyone in their class to join. This is an opportunity for the teachers to talk through the planned learning that day or reflect on previous learning. 

It is an opportunity to for children to share work they are particularly proud of and ask any questions they might have about the learning tasks ahead. The daily teams meeting often includes the class teacher reading a story book/chapter for the children to enjoy as a class and is a chance for the children to catch up with their class mates.

- Our class teachers produce a daily guide for every child to follow at home to support their learning. These include instructions to a range of activities linked to the child's national curriculum objectives and links to the videos made by their class teacher. This is shared via the class blog on purple mash and is also emailed out to all families by 5pm the day before.

Our teachers produce 2-3 recorded lessons every day for the children to watch, follow and engage with. This will always include an English and Maths session. 

These sessions are pre-recorded, so that children can watch (and re-watch if necessary) at a time that is most suitable for their own home learning situation.

Additionally, our teachers set a number of activities and tasks for the children to engage with on Purple Mash, linked to the NC objectives.

The balance between live and pre-recorded content

There are a number of articles in the media about whether schools are choosing to use 'live' or pre-recorded content. If you have a child at secondary school the chances are they are running more 'live' teaching sessions which are generally appropriate to the age and stage of the pupils being taught. Like most primary schools, when planning our offer we have chosen to use pre-recorded lessons for the following reasons:

  • They allow the content to be paused and re-played which is often useful with primary age children 

  • Families can choose to work through the content at their own pace and in an order of their choosing (to fit in with children’s mood and preferences)

  • They allow flexibility for families where there is more than one child in a household needing to share a device

  • Where internet connectivity is intermittent due to faults or demands on the system, learning is not interrupted

- Additionally, our teachers are available to be contacted by children and families via the class email daily to support with any questions or queries regarding the learning. The class email accounts are also being used by families to send in photos of the children's learning so that their teacher can give feedback on their learning where necessary. 

Ongoing Support

Over this period, our class teachers are also phoning all families to catch up and offer any additional support that has not already been requested. Once an initial call has been made, parents and carers are invited to make an appointment for another phone call at a later date if they feel it would be useful and beneficial. 


Any concerns or issues parents have regarding the home learning or the safety/well-being of their child should be raised through the class email accounts, however our school office is still open and the main school email account is read daily, if this is more appropriate.

Many of our families are also receiving on-going support from either Mrs Mann or Mrs Foxall-Giess in the form of additional phone calls. 

Many of our families have also contacted the school with regards to their IT provision at home. When this has happened, we have organised for IT equipment to be picked up or delivered to our families so that they are then able to access the remote education. 

We have also supported several families by giving them a bank of worksheet/activities to work through with their child. We understand that every family situation is different, with many parents and carers still working full-time from home, and as a result have offered these paper packs to supplement our remote learning offer where it is appropriate. 

Our Children in School

Many of our children of critical workers and vulnerable children have continued to come into school. These children have been supported by our teaching assistants across three bubbles.  Our TAs have been facilitating the children to access the remote learning that the other children in their class have been following. 

Although our numbers of key worker and vulnerable children has increased dramatically, we have ensured that all children have access to excellent support and IT equipment in order to access the remote learning set by their teacher. 


Class teachers also give 1:1 feedback on the children's learning that is taking place in school and these children also take part in the daily Teams Meeting wherever possible. 

Evaluating our Remote Learning Offer 

We are constantly reviewing our Remote Learning offer to ensure it is meeting the ever-changing needs of our families. With this in mind, a survey has been sent out to collect feedback and we are using this to adapt our remote learning offer moving forwards.