Focus on Faith Days



As a Church of England School, our relationships, interactions and worship are informed by the teachings of the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ as reflected in our core values. However, in order to ensure our young learners develop a strong understanding of faith, belief, cultures and customs, we seek to actively engage them with learning about other religions and world faiths. Through this, we aim to develop our pupils' tolerance, understanding of, and ultimately respect for, the many different people, cultures and customs of both Britain and the wider world.

Alongside our statutory Religious Education (RE) provision, Collective Worship programme and values curriculum, we hold regular Faith Days to provide our pupils with an opportunity to spend the day finding out about, and exploring the practices and beliefs of, those of other faiths. Through classroom learning, visitors, trips and practical experiences, we seek to not only develop our children's understanding of the key principles of each faith but also to help them deepen their own spiritual reflection about different beliefs and what having a faith means to different people. Only by ensuring that our learners have these opportunities can we work towards our vision of equipping every child with the skills, attitudes and values necessary to make informed and reasoned choices as they continue through life.


We had one Faith Day focusing on Judaism. We had a special Visitor, Iris, who came to talk to us about her faith.

We also reflected on the theme of persecution as this day also marked Holocaust Memorial Day.

We spent another faith day looking at the Hindu faith. In our Collective Worship, we heard the story of Rama and Sita- an important part of Diwali. We also reflected on how the themes of good versus evil and light and dark can be seen in both the sacred stories of Hinduism and Christianity.

On our first Faith Day, we explored the Buddhist religion. We had an assembly and workshops from a practising Buddhist, Karunavapi. We also had the chance to take part in yoga and meditation.