Generosity and Thankfulness


What does The Bible tell us about our value for this term?


The Bible tells us that we should be generous to others as well as being thankful for the love and care given to us by God.


God said to human beings, 'Fill the earth with people and look after it. Care for all that I have made' (Genesis 1:27 paraphrase).



Reflection questions- do you show generosity and thankfulness in all that you do?

  • How do you show generosity with your words and actions?

  • Would you give someone your time without expecting a reward?

  • How do you help others who are in need?

  • What are you thankful for in the world and in school?

  • How do you show that you are thankful to your friends and family?

  • How can we show thanks to God?



Key themes explored in school through Collective Worship:


Week 1: Aspire, Believe, Achieve- what are your dreams for this year?

Week 2: God's Generous Gifts- Term 1 Bible Story: The Story of Creation

Week 3: Loving Others as we love Ourselves

Week 4: Giving Sacrificially

Week 5: Harvest

Week 6: Giving Cheerfully

Week 7: Giving our Time

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