Extra Curricular Clubs

Together we ... learn, play and have fun

All children learn through play and having fun and at the Manor, learning often extends beyond the classroom. We encourage pupils of different ages to play together and sometimes clubs are set up by the children during lunch break.

A range of after-school and lunch time activities are offered to the children and are run by both members of staff and external organisations. The activities have recently included football, drama, dance, tennis, gardening, choir, Manor Media, eco-club, multi-sports and Sports Heroes.

Children of working parents can also take part in our after-school activities as the lead person will accompany the child to 'Skool's Out' at the end of the activity.

Externally provided clubs

These clubs are delivered by external providers on the school premises and a charge is made to attend.  Please see Mrs Aldom in the office for contact information, costs and times.

Monday: Total Pro Soccer

Tuesday: Dance and Drama

Wednesday: Tennis

Thursday: Multi-sports

Friday: Sports Heroes

Manor Media

Our school magazine club offered to older pupils who have an interest in writing.

Music Lessons

The Music Service and other providers offer a range of instrument tuition to pupils.  Please ask at the office for information on current lesson opportunities.

Harmonica lessons provided by Harpscool:


KS2 Choir

Mrs Parry organises this every year to prepare for a concert at the Colston Hall

Code Club

An opportunity to learn how to programme computers to design simple games using 'Scratch'.

For members (or interested parties), the resources used have been put onto this site:


Eco Club

We have qualified as an eco-school and want to achieve the next level in this.  A group of pupils work on tasks to support the school in developing our eco-school status.

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