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At The Manor, we provide our learners with an engaging and memorable curriculum. Our curriculum aims to provide every child with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding so that they can grow and develop into confident, thoughtful and skilled citizens of the future. We are currently developing our school curriculum so that it not only provides the statutory knowledge and skills set down in the National Curriculum but, more importantly, it provides a rich, varied and purposeful educational experience that reflects the needs of our learners and our school community. Please find below our draft Curriculum Handbook. This is currently under review and may be subject to change.

Religious Education

The learning of basic skills is essential to provide our pupils with a solid basis for their education.  A rigorous approach to the learning of phonics is used from Reception based upon the letters and sounds scheme.  This is continued throughout KS1 and into KS2 where spelling skills continue to be taught regularly through a range of interactive approaches.  In numeracy, calculation skills are developed progressively throughout the school with a focus on mental strategies, facts and practical tasks to aid understanding.  An investigative approach enriches pupils' engagement with maths.  The basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy are woven through our cross-curricular topics to encourage application of skills in a range of contexts.


A strong Christian ethos runs through our school. Christian attitudes and values are taught through a balance of class lessons, collective worship and the celebration of religious festivals such as Easter, Harvest and Christmas. If parents choose to withdraw their child/children from Religious Education and collective worship, an appointment should be made to discuss alternative provision with the Headteacher.

Singing and music play an important role in school life. All children enjoy weekly singing assemblies and end-of-term church services whilst some also join the school choir.  Some children opt to learn to play additional instruments such as the violin, guitar or harmonica (there is a charge for this tuition).  We enhance our opportunities to enjoy music through special visitors.

Our aim is to get the very best out of each child,  with home and school working together.

If you would like to find out any more about the curriculum at The Manor please email us at ManorPrimary@sgmail.org.uk

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